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I have a lot of things I want/have to do this spring break - watch Kill Bill vol. 1 because I’ve only seen the kitchen scene in the beginning, visit my dentist to make sure I’m still a cavity virgin, go to the beach and get my tan back… but one of the smallest things on the list is to create a short DIY post. So here we go.

I purchased these pyramid studs on eBay during New York Fashion Week. Now, today is March 19th and I ordered them on the 10th of February. It took me about a month and a week to receive the package in the mail. Was it worth it? Aaaah I’ll just go ahead and say yes.

My original intention was to put studs on a light denim shirt, but I realized light blue + silver = ehhh. So I chose this black chambray shirt I don’t really wear.

It’s really simple - the ends of each stud are very sharp, and they pierce through the shirt quite easily (and your fingers as well). Once the ends are in, fold them so they don’t hurt your collarbones. 

I guess since it’s getting hot out and nobody really wants to layer up, one of the easiest ways to wear a “collared shirt” would be to cut out the shirt and just leave the collar. Wear a sweater or a top of your choice, and voila. You look like you are wearing a shirt underneath… I don’t know if I’d ever do that, but why not?

: )

Now please excuse me while I stud every single item I own.

PS. Hey Madewell - hope you realized both of the shirts in this post are from you guys. Wanna sponsor me?